Mike Olson’s CUZOOM Super Cub

Ed Doyle from Kansas set the new world record with CUZOOM at the Valdez Alaska Airshow with a 43 ft. take off and 35 ft landing!

Flight testing has now been complete on CUZOOM’s new EFII engine management system. This STOL champion Super performer is ready to head off for the Summer competitions. CUZOOM has a 377 cubic inch Aero Sport Power prepped engine which dynoed at nearly 240 horsepower before the addition of the EFII system.

Initial flight test reports of the EFII system yielded a 250 rpm increase in static rpm, an estimated 40 more horsepower, and an amazing 900 fpm increase in climb rate. That’s all before they hit in the 50hp nitrous oxide injection system. Please note – the performance improvements witnessed in this installation are somewhat extreme, horsepower improvements in the 10{9187aa996cd9e1f217f9847734a03dc848d9fc3eed7df6d5512c58fdfbd2fd3a} range are more typical.

Some observations from Mike Olson, “I can’t believe how much better this engine runs with the EFII system. It is noticeably smoother and makes a lot more power. We have had a couple of oil changes now. The oil consumption has dropped dramatically and the oil came out looking almost the same as when it went in. There is certainly a lot less carbon in the oil. I think this will definitely result in a much longer engine life. We are starting the build on our next competition airplane and it will definitely include an EFII system”.

Here is some great video of CUZOOM and the other top STOL planes at the Valdez Airshow. Look for CUZOOM hanging on the prop on approach to the touchdown line.