Paul Staby's nice EFII GlaStar

Paul has completed his EFII installation in Durango Colorado.

     Update - November 2013: "I've now flown my EFII GlaStar for close to two years now in temperatures over 90 degrees and less than 20 with no problems. I base my aircraft at 6500 feet and usually climb to 8500 for most flights. I haven't had any issues and consider my EFII one of the most reliable systems in my plane and I'm very happy." - Paul Staby

     This GlaStar has been flying with it's EFII system since early 2012.

     Here you can see the ECU mounted aft of the firewall.

     One of the high energy ignition coils can be seen mounted where the left mag used to be.

     Here you can see the top of the electronic injectors which are mounted on the intake pipes and the "fuel rail" or fuel lines that connect them.