Mannan Thomason's RV-8

     Mannan Thomason's very clean RV-8 has been flying with the dual ECU version of the EFII Dual Ignition since 2012.

     Mannan has done a very nice job putting this plane together.

     Mannan's unique paint job is easy to spot in a crowd of RV's.

     Looking nice and clean under the hood. The Sam James plenum looks great.

     Mannan's engine started life with a Bendix Dualmag. Here is a special block plate that not only covers the mag hole, but also includes a special dowel that extends into the engine case to seal the oil passage that is opened when you remove the Dualmag. This special block plate is included in the EFII kit when you have a Dualmag engine.

Mannan has opted for firewall mounting of the ignition coils.

     The proof is in the pudding, or at least it's on the EFIS. This image speaks for itself. High energy + long duration = big fuel savings in lean of peak ops. It also makes more horsepower when the black knob goes forward.