About us

robertEFII was founded by Robert Paisley to promote the use of modern electronic engine controls on light aircraft engines. Robert is a degreed electrical engineer, a licensed FAA airframe and powerplant mechanic, and an experienced private pilot. Robert has had a 20+ year career in the design and manufacture of vehicle electronic systems. If you have any involvement in the motorcycle industry, you may have had contact with Robert's prior company Dynatek/Dyna ignitions, which makes high energy ignition systems for everything from street bikes to the world's fastest Pro Stock and Top Fuel motorcycles. EFII is the aircraft products brand name of Protek Performance Inc.

EFII is the latest in a long list of vehicle control system products to be produced under Robert's direction. The EFII shop is located at Cable Airport in Upland, California. We welcome you to stop by and see our facility.

Our design philosophy is very simple - we will strive to design the best performing, most reliable, and best tested systems that we can. We use only the best available components and materials in our kits. In many cases, this drives up the cost of our systems, but we would rather sell fewer high quality kits than many low quality kits. We believe you deserve the best parts available to keep your aircraft running reliably and strong.

We hope that you too have the chance to experience the fun of flying an aircraft equipped with EFII.