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System32 Dual Ignition Kits

dual_ignition_kitElectronic ignition systems for aircraft engines have been around for a while, but we think we have a better idea. The EFII System32 ignition is a high energy, long spark duration inductive ignition. This is what you will find on all modern car engines. There is a clear advantage in both power and efficiency when you have a long hot spark to ignite the air fuel mixture in your engine. Whether you are a maximum power person or a maximum efficiency person, the System32 ignition will benefit the operation of your aircraft. At 2750 rpm, the System32 ignition delivers more than 36 crankshaft degrees of continuous hot spark to ensure that the fuel gets lit. This means you can push the mixture deeper into the rich range for more power or further into the lean range for more efficiency.


The typical report we get from O-360 customers who transition from magnetos to our system is that they see an approximate 10 percent increase in horsepower along with a 1 gallon per hour savings in cruise fuel burn. Hot start and cold start issues are also dramatically improved due to the availability of full spark energy during cranking. These are pretty dramatic improvements in engine operation! These benefits, along with the fact that our system has no TBO or any mechanical parts to wear out, combined with an unbeatable reliability record among electronic ignitions, make for a pretty clear choice for your next aircraft ignition.


Cheaper than an engine swap: We have lots of O-320 customers who have thought about an upgrade to a 360. The addition of an EFII System32 ignition to your O-320 will get you very close to 0-360 power with a lot less cost and effort. If you really want to get the most out of your 0-320, higher compression pistons coupled with the safety of our load adjusting timing curve can get you beyond 180 horsepower safely without changing engines. This is a great way to maximize the cost/benefit equation of your aircraft. These benefits, of course, apply regardless of which size engine you are working with in your air frame.


There is a lot more to the EFII System32 ignition story. We think you deserve only the best and most reliable components on your aircraft engine. We have designed in maximum robustness with our full Tefzel wire harness, billet crank trigger, environmentally sealed connectors and bullet proof ECU. The quality of System32 construction is second to none, and our extreme reliability is key to making System32 the aircraft ignition of choice.


All EFII System32 Ignition kits are fully engineered, complete, bolt-on kits. We have you send us your flywheel so we can install trigger magnets in precision locations in our machine shop. This service is included in our kit pricing. We provide the rest of the components to give you a complete kit that does not require fabrication or any special skills to install.

Billet Crank Trigger: Robust quality at its best.

Our sturdy billet crank triggers are the first clue to the quality of EFII systems. These crankshaft sensors are rock solid in the face of vibration and weather. System32 crank triggers are fully redundant, dual sensor assemblies conveniently packaged in one billet aluminum housing. These sensors have a crescent machined face that perfectly matches the radius of the flywheel surface that carries the related trigger magnets. Trigger magnet installation is performed on the customer flywheel in our machine shop for a precision result. You will find this same quality of manufacturing and selection of only the best materials throughout your EFII kit.


System32 is modular

To create the EFII System32 Ignitions, we have taken the core control systems of the System32 fuel injection system and pared it down to the ignition components. This allows us to offer a robust, high energy ignition system for your aircraft that can grow with your needs. Once you have installed one of our ignition systems, you have opened the door for an easy upgrade in the future to our full electronic fuel injection and ignition System32 kit. You can start now with a dual magneto replacement ignition that utilizes our billet Hall effect crank trigger and high performance System32 ECUs, and simply add the rest of the System32 fuel injection kit in the future if you choose. This easy migration path between systems can not be matched by any other ignition or fuel injection company.

Bendix Dualmag customers: Get rid of that thing!

The Bendix Dualmag has two magnetos in one housing, which both share a common drive. They are expensive to service and are well known for having a short usable lifespan. The EFII Dual ignition is an ideal upgrade that will allow you to remove your Dualmag completely and get away from this costly and heavy device. Our Dualmag replacement systems include a special block plate that extends through the accessory case cover into the back of the engine case to properly block the oil passage that is revealed when you remove the Dualmag assembly. The Dualmag block plate is included at no extra charge when you purchase an EFII ignition kit.

System32 Ignition Kits include:

  • Dual System32 High Performance ECUs (engine computers).
  • High energy coil packs with integral magneto block off plate.
  • Billet Hall effect System32 dual crank trigger.
  • High quality silicone spark plug wires.
  • Automotive Iridium spark plugs.
  • 18mm to 14mm Spark plug adapters.
  • Redundant MAP sensors.
  • Tefzel plug and play wire harness with firewall circular connector.

System32 Ignition Kit Part Numbers:

  • EIGN32-4R; System32 Dual Ignition Kit for 4 cyl Lycoming
  • EIGN32-6R; System32 Dual Ignition Kit for 6 cyl Lycoming
  • EIGN32-6RCONT; System32 Dual Ignition Kit for Continental 520/550

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