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System32 EFII Kits

Complete EFII Electronic Fuel Injection and Ignition for 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder Lycoming and Continental 520/550 engines.

EFII_kitEFII stands for “electronic fuel injection and ignition”. The System32 EFII kit is a fully redundant electronic engine management system for light aircraft engines. We are currently concentrating our efforts on four and six cylinder Lycoming engines and large bore Continental engines (520 and 550). The System32 kit can be used in any Experimental category aircraft using one of these engines.


The System32 EFII kit is very similar to what you would find on any modern automobile engine. It is a computer controlled electronic fuel injection and electronic ignition system. The system is controlled by an ECU (the computer) and incorporates a fully mapped fuel curve and ignition timing curve. The electronic fuel injection portion of the system utilizes electronic fuel injector valves that are installed into each cylinder using our Port Mount Injector (PMI) system. A throttle body replaces the typical carburetor or mechanical injector butterfly assembly. The electronic ignition portion of the system utilizes high energy inductive ignition coils instead of magnetos to deliver a very strong and efficient spark to each plug. All System32 kits are fully redundant and include two System32 ECUs and redundant engine sensors.


System32 EFII kits are fully engineered, complete, bolt-on kits that do not require fabrication or special skills. We install trigger magnets in precision locations in the customer’s flywheel to support the crank trigger function. This service is included in our kit pricing. We provide the remainder of the components to supply you with a complete, easy to install system.


Unleaded Avgas is on the horizon in the near future. If you have a System32 EFII kit on your engine, you will already be compatible with the new fuel.

    The advantages of an electronically controlled engine are numerous, and include:

  • Fully compatible with 100LL, auto gas, and future Unleaded Avgas.
  • Up to 10% increase in available horsepower.
  • Automatic mixture control (no mixture knob to manage).
  • A proper ignition timing curve to bring out the true power of your engine.
  • Fuel savings from always having the correct fuel mixture and perfect fuel balance between cylinders.
  • Decreased lead fouling.
  • Improved engine starting – No “hot start” or “cold start” problems.
  • Decreased weight – no magnetos or mechanical fuel pump.
  • Tunability – your fuel map can be fine tuned to your particular installation.
  • Lower maintenance costs – less lead build up means less wear and less oil contamination, uses long lasting Iridium spark plugs.

The EFII system uses only the highest quality components available. Below is a brief description of each item in the kit.

  • Dual System32 High Performance Engine computers (ECUs)
  • System32 Cockpit Controller instrument panel interface for system monitoring and tuning
  • Spark plug wire set, 8 lead (12 lead for 6 cylinder)
  • Iridium spark plugs, 8 each (12 for 6 cylinder)
  • High energy inductive ignition coil pack with integral magneto block off plate, 2 each (3 for 6 cylinder)
  • Spark plug adapters, 18mm to 14mm, 8 each (12 each for 6 cylinder)
  • EFII ultra compact Port Mount Injector system 4 injectors each (6 each for 6 cylinder)
  • EFII modified flywheel with trigger magnets added. (note – customer provides flywheel for modification)
  • Billet Hall effect dual  sensor crank trigger (no case drilling required)
  • Dual fuel pump module
  • Fuel pressure regulator
  • High pressure EFII fuel filter and screen pre filter
  • EFII wire harness – All Tefzel harness with sealed waterproof connectors and circular firewall connectors
  • Mechanical fuel pump block off plate
  • Engine temperature sensor
  • Dual MAP sensors
  • EFII throttle body with throttle position sensor, dual intake air temp sensor, and Lycoming sump adapter


  • EFII32-4R; System32, Dual ECU, Electronic Fuel Injection and Dual High Energy Ignition for 4 cylinder Lycoming engines
  • EFII32-6R; System32, Dual ECU, Electronic Fuel Injection and Dual High Energy Ignition for 6 cylinder Lycoming engines
  • EFII32-6RCONT; System32, Dual ECU Electronic Fuel Injection and Dual High Energy Ignition for Continental 520/550

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