Downloads and Additional Info

Below you can find links to our product installation manuals and other information. If you have any questions that are not answered in the information below, please contact us!

Manuals for Current Products

Note – System32 specific installation details are depicted in the System32 drawings below. The majority of the information in the Legacy manuals is applicable to current systems with the exception of the information in the System32 drawings.
System32 EFII Kit – Installation Manual (coming soon)
System32 Ignition Kit – Installation manual (coming soon)
System32 Cockpit Controller dimensions (drawing)
System32 ECU and Circular Connector dimensions (drawing)
System32 EFII Switches and Breakers (drawing)
System32 Ignition Switches and Breakers (drawing)
Bus Manager Installation Manual

Additional Information

Competitive Ignition Comparison Report
AC 43.13 Wire Gauge Chart (view in browser) (download PDF)
Bendix Dualmag snout size determination (image)