The Bailey Brother's EFII Installation

     Scott and Roger Bailey are building a monster Avid Magnum with a 220HP EFII equipped O-360.

     We're not quite sure how this plane is going to respond to so much horsepower, but the climb out should be pretty impressive. To the right is a picture of Roger's first Avid Magnum. The current "Super Magnum" project will be its sister ship (with a lot more horsepower!).

     Here is a view of the Super Magnum coming together.

     The fuel pump module has been mounted on the step of the firewall.

     This plane is getting a header tank for the fuel return. The header tank is about 5 gallons and sits on the forward portion of the baggage area. The wing tanks will simply gravity drain through a "t" into the header tank.

     Here you can see the compact injector assemblies mounted onto the intake pipes.

     The next two pictures show an innovative hinged panel design. This really makes panel wiring and maintenance easy.