Kevin Eldredge's "Relentless" Nemesis NXT Reno Racer

Kevin Eldredge and his Relentless Nemesis NXT are a favorite entry every year at the Reno Air Races. Relentless received it's upgrade to System32 engine management earlier in the year and made a distinct impact at the races, taking a 2nd place finish in Sport Gold at Reno 2019. We can't wait to see what next year brings for Relentless - good job Kevin!

Relentless is running a twin turbo Lycoming 540 engine with System32 engine management.

“Since deciding to return Relentless to full race form two years ago, the FlyEFII support and development of the new 32bit system has been phenomenal! The live tuning features of System32 will allow a complete newbie to dial in their performance engine in a fraction of the time. One aspect of the Control head that was absolutely critical to moving from dead last in Gold to 2nd place this year was the ease of data collection. Thank you for your team dedication to moving aviation into the here and now.” Kevin Eldredge

Relentless is looking good in the pits (as usual!).

Kevin is showing off the System32 Controller at Oshkosh 2019.

Relentless is set up to use the proportional ADI system that is part of System32. ADI stands for Anti Detonation Injection. The ADI system injects a mix of alcohol and water into the induction system right after the turbos. The ADI fluid cools the induction air to prevent detonation. Nearly all turbocharged planes at Reno use some type of ADI injection system. System32 has the ability to deliver the ADI fluid in proportion to the gasoline delivery. The pilot sets the proportion he wants and System32 handles the rest. The ADI delivery is automatically engaged when the manifold pressure goes above a preset threshold and it automatically turns off when the manifold pressure is reduced. This automatic and proportional delivery of ADI fluid is only available with System32. Other systems require continuous pilot adjustment in flight. The System32 ADI function reduces pilot workload and makes it easier to safely operate the engine at high boost levels.