Karl Grove's Super Legacy Reno Racer

Summer 2020 update - Karl Grove and the Grove Aero team has been busy installing the new AC-Aero water cooled cylinders on Karl's 540 engine. Karl is also adding bigger turbos as he gets ready to go to his next horsepower level. There will be a lot of eyes on race 181 this year. Karl's Race Report page can be found here: Grove Aero Race Report

Fall 2019 update - The Grove Aero team upgraded the race 181 Super Legacy to System32 engine management in August 2019. One month later Karl took a 4th place finish in Sport Gold at the 2019 Reno Air Races.  Nice job Karl!

Race 181 is running a twin turbo Lycoming 540 engine equipped with ACE cylinders and System32 engine management.

“The FlyEFII System 32 provided our team and engineers with the ultimate control over the Grove Aero GA1 Super Legacy race motor. It provided the best of both worlds, automated engine management along with easy customization for fine tuning in our race environment. FlyEFII was instrumental to our success during the 2019 National Championship Air Races and we look forward to working with them in the future”. Karl Grove

Here is a good shot of the System32 Cockpit Controller to the right of the MGL screen. Looking good!

     Here John Walker and Karl Grove are working on the design of the electrical power distribution. This plane has a dual voltage electrical system. The landing gear and starter are 24V and everything else is 12V. A single 24V alternator will power both sides of the electrical system.


    Here is a good shot of one of the turbochargers and its wastegate.

In this picture, you can see the induction system coming together. The EFII throttle body is in the middle of the pic. This will be fed from both turbos through a Y pipe.

Karl is using the proportional ADI capabilities of System32 to keep his engine safe at high boost levels. (See the Relentless Customer page for more detail on this system)