Dual Electric Fuel Pump Module

FPM5Can be used with electronic fuel injection. Can also be used with engines that do not have provision for a mechanical fuel pump and are running a carburetor or mechanical injection (see application note below).

FPM Application Note (PDF File)

One fuel Pump Module (FPM) provides a new level of simplicity and function to your fuel system. The FPM reduces a time consuming and costly plumbing job to a simple, clean, and easy to set up installation.

The Fuel Pump Module includes the following features:

  • Ideal fuel pump solution for any EFI equipped vehicle.
  • Dual fuel pump design can serve as a primary and backup pump or both pumps can be run at the same time.
  • One pump operation can support up to 400hp, both pumps running can support up to 800hp.
  • Uses high quality Walbro fuel pumps (made in the USA).
  • Integral plumbing through .400" large fuel passages offers no restriction to pump output.
  • Integral mounting bosses can be bolted directly to floor or firewall.
  • Flexible IN and OUT fitting positions allow for easy installation even in tight spaces.
  • Fuel pressure sender can be mounted directly on any unused output port.
  • Includes AN -6 (3/8" I.D.) input and output fittings.
  • Overall dimensions: 4" wide, 8.8" long, 1.9" thick (with heat shield installed).
  • All mounting hardware included.

Part No. FPM-1

Complete FPM system. Including two Walbro fuel pumps as shown.

Price: $675 - Add To Cart