Ground Bus

Ground_Bus     The EFII Ground Bus, part number GB-1, Is a great addition to a well designed wiring system. The GB-1 is a nicely designed "forest of tabs" type grounding junction that can clean up and organize all your avionics and system ground wires. Many people use two of these devices to lay out their grounding scheme. One for avionics or small signal grounds, and one for higher current grounds, such as lighting, strobes, pitot heat, etc.

     Features include:

  • Nicely designed common ground bus.
  • Can be mounted in a self grounding fashion by using the center mounting hole as part of your firewall pass-through ground bolt mounting.
  • Can be mounted as a fully isolated ground bus using the outer, insulated mounting holes.
  • Provides thirty two 1/4" male spade type connection points.
  • Brass terminals are soldered onto a 0.062" thick x 1" wide copper grounding bar.
  • Insulated ABS plastic base measures 5 3/8" long x 1 1/8" wide.
  • All Mounting holes are 1/4" (can easily be drilled out to larger sizes).
  • Outer mounting hole spacing is 4.6" on center.

Part No. GB-1

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