EFII Billet Valve Covers

Billet_CoversEFII Billet Valve Covers are CNC machined aluminum covers that enhance engine cooling and give your engine a professional look. Our billet covers have fins for improved heat transfer. They are anodized to give an attractive durable finishing touch to your engine installation.

Billet Valve Covers for most Lycoming and similar engines from 235 cu through 720 cu in. Two styles are available, these cover both the parallel valve and angle valve engine families.  Custom engraving and custom colors are also available to engine builders or manufacturers (on orders of 40 pcs or more).

Part No. BVC-PV; Billet Valve Cover for parallel valve Lycoming.

Price: $115ea

Part No. BVC-AV; Billet Valve Cover for angle Valve Lycoming.

Price: $115ea